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Snaptiks Digital Marketing Diploma


Digital Marketing Academy is devised to educate, train and graduate digital marketers in the middle-east and power-up their digital marketing skills and knowledge to achieve a premium level of competitiveness in the field. The diploma is complemented with an exam based on the curriculum that have been conducted throughout the course, where the names and contact details of the students who successfully passed the exam will be published on the academy portal as a solid reference to their capabilities.

You will learn by doing actual campaigns and work on real cases on various platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Google (Search and GDN). Actually your course will be held inside the Agency premises

Unlike other training courses in the market, your certificate will be based on passing a structured exam, to make sure you are actually capable of deploying a complete digital marketing strategy - Your certificate will be ready to print online. Your name will be listed on Snaptiks grads portal.

You will have access for 1 year to tons of premium resources through the academy portal. Case studies, competition analysis’, advertising tools and resources, white papers, and many more resources.

Course Curriculum

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Types of marketing.
Understanding user behavior
Key Concepts [Web traffic, Social media, engagement, PPC, CPM, CPC, CPA, Conversions, funnel, landing page, leads acquisition, remarketing, analytics,…etc.]
Social Media Marketing

Setting up your businessprofiles across social platforms.
Creating engaging content for social media:
Creating various content types Rich media content [Planning and creation]
Video Marketing:
Video Anatomy, thumbnails, body, call to action SRT and CC for videos Understanding & reporting content performance Monitoring competition. Creating competitive analysis.
Social Media Advertising [Level 1]
How does it work?
Campaign objectives.
Create various campaigns.
Understanding results.
Campaign optimization. Reporting performance.
Social Media Advertising [Advanced Level]
Deploying marketing integrations.
Creating custom audience groups (Various types).
Conversions marketing.
Website conversions.
Application conversions.
Applying tags.
E-commerce marketing.
Integrate your store to Facebook shop.
Creating DPA remarketing for e-commerce.
(Search Engine Optimization)
Key SEO concepts.
Understanding SERPs.
Search results / heat-map.
On page optimization.
Keywords on site.
Keywords research for website.  Titles tags.
Meta Tags and description.
XML sitemap.
Using Robots.txt.
Schema markup.
Off page optimizations.
Google Console.
Google My Business
Google Search Ads
Understanding the concept behind google search ads. Keywords: research, match types, quality score.
Setting up conversion tracking.
Creating various types of search campaign GDN (Google Display Network).
(Google - Facebook)
Goals settings.
Performance monitoring.
Advanced Marketing Integrations
What are the various integrations and they are crucial?
Monitor the UX performance.
Setting up conversions tracking.
Setting up events tracking.
Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning
Situation assessment.
Digital assets status.
Required integrations assessment.
Creating your strategy and plan.
Researching required budget.
Fawzy elmawy

Meet your Instructor

Your course will be fully conducted by Fawzy El-Mawy, Snaptiks founder and CEO. While some of the sessions will include guests from various perspectives, like Marketing engineers from the agency or outsider guest speakers from some of our clients to talk about their general requirements and how work is perceived on the clients’ side of the business.
Guest speakers may join to share their experience during the sessions.

  • Fawzy El-Mawy
    [brief profile]

    • 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing & Mobile advertising
    • B.Sc. Engineering, AUC Grad. 2000
    • CEO & Founder Snaptiks
    • Acquired Intellectual Property Right in Telco in 2011
    • Highly ranked instructor on Udemy in few courses
    • Book Author of “Find the Perfect Buyer” currently on Amazon
    • Guest speaker in related events like:
      • The American University in Cairo
      • British University in Egypt
      • Arab Affiliate Summit 2015

Course Prices


Exam and Certification

Your certificated shall be issued based on your completion of the online exam with a score of +67.5%.

The exam shall include the essential parts illustrated throughout the course with questions of various difficulty levels.
Your name and contact details shall be published on the Academy portal as a reference to your achievement with a link to your certificate.

Exams are only available to Snaptiks Academy students. You may sit for the exam once more free of charge

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