Social Media

The web Candy

Of the future

Social media is a hangout for 2bn+ users on the internet - on daily basis. different ages, nationalities and interests. The probability that your client is out there is very high. To sell your product or service, you need to first segregate your audience out of the crowd, then correctly decide on the “When”, “How” and “What” to communicate to your prospects.

In a nutshell, this what we do in the agency. We do what it takes to bring real results that matter most to you and your business performance.

We rely on various technical and artistic methodologies and procedures to achieve this. We believe that bringing real results from marketing efforts is a science in itself.

We take over your digital assets and make them ready to receive and segregate visitors and content consumers according to the various behaviors. We do this by applying a set of marketing technologies in a form of code snippets - all plugged in and optimized - to work seamlessly in your website or app. Analytics are handy in this stage to monitor closely the behavior of customers. We then optimize campaigns for the important events that are required.

Search Marketing

Reaching out to those
who're looking for you

The search engine marketing (SEM) is a crucial part of marketing. This is known as the inbound marketing technique, which is a very important to get found when a prospect is actually looking for you.

SEO always comes first when discussing SEM prior to running any search campaigns. It is not only about discoverability, but also it is about how would your results look like in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Before optimizing the landing pages for keywords, we look into more details like what is actually being open to be crawled by the robots of the search engine and what is not, and we make sure important stuff are availed to the public as well as the search engine robots.

We also checkup and fix what would the actual results look like in the results pages. Using various technologies, we optimize the results to show the important links and more data about the content on display. Search optimization is not only done on text, nowadays it is a collective work on all what the users’ eyes see. that goes for videos as well as the complete experience of the website.

same concept applies on mobile apps, but with a twist (or two). Optimization goes far beyond a mere ASO (Application Store Optimization) like writing a good description for the app. We work closely with your app developers to prepare the actual content inside your app be indexed by search engines and discovered by audience. This opens a whole new world of acquisitions to your mobile app.

For the on-site keywords optimization, we believe in extensive research when it comes this area of business and it consumes about 2/3 of the effort and time used to fulfill this task. We totally understand and rather encourage to do so, as the results are pretty amazing.